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      The technical development of LED street lamps and tunnel lights in China

      Datetime: 2018-05-15 19:03:27    Views: 1175

      In 2016, the technology and application of LED street lights and tunnel lights have entered a new stage. From the support of the national development and Reform Commission on the application of energy efficiency lighting evaluation system for road and tunnel lighting, the government of various provinces and cities began to actively support the use of LED street lights and tunnel lights into urban lighting.

      At present, there is no fundamental technical obstacle for the application of LED street lamps and tunnel lights on urban road lighting. The LED street lamp manufacturers can guarantee to meet the public standards and production in all aspects of the optical design and other key application technologies of the lamps and lanterns from the chip link, the way of encapsulation, the optical design of the lamps and the other key application technologies. The standard for design of road tunnel ventilation and lighting design, the requirements of urban road lighting design standard, that is, LED street lamp and tunnel lamp, can meet the application of urban road lighting from standard, production technology to application, and it has considerable energy saving effect.

      The new revised design code for highway tunnel ventilation and lighting design is improved from the following aspects: first, based on energy saving and middle vision, the ground brightness and wall brightness index are appropriately reduced, and the tunnel lighting is further energy saving. Two is the light transition section lighting, the gradient change is more gentle. In order to make the black hole and the white hole effect smaller, three is from the energy saving point of view, clear the feasibility of LED lamps and lanterns for tunnel lighting, and stipulates the optical performance; four is a clear indicator for the light adjustment strategy for the daytime and night based on the vehicle flow and speed, which provides the basis for the tunnel operation.

      The new revised standard for urban road lighting design standard has made some breakthroughs in the following aspects: first, the evaluation index of road lighting is five indexes, such as average brightness, brightness uniformity (total uniformity and longitudinal uniformity), glare, environment ratio and inducibility, and two is the index of uniformity and glare, environment ratio, and so on. The display (identification) of obstacles on the road is very important; three is from the point of view of energy saving, the feasibility of LED lamps and lanterns used in tunnel lighting is clarified, and important optical indexes are stipulated, such as color index affecting identification, color tolerance that affects the consistency of light color, color temperature index of comfort degree, and so on; four is a multi-party design case. Selection and optimization, scientific bidding technical requirements and strict implementation are of great significance for ensuring the quality of lighting engineering. The LED lighting application interface requires that the street lamp of the non integrated LED module is perplexed by the users for many years with the standard of interchangeability of street lamps. The standard module standard sending and reviewing has been reviewed and passed, which can provide support for the large-scale application of the LED street lamp.

      Based on the current situation of the application of LED street lights in Taiwan and the data of tracking and detection results, the conclusion that LED street lamps are now very mature and suitable for the application of road lighting is obtained. The characteristics and core technology of the current intelligent control mode of road and tunnel, structure, LED street light and time controlled dimming power supply, and the features of convenient position of LED street lamp and its lamp pole, convenient power supply, and LED product carrying intelligent control, are put forward, such as the propaganda of city image on the basis of multi-function lamp system, such as the city image, for example. Display and mobile APP software release public information and advertising information, public safety promotion and disaster prevention and mitigation projects, such as road lamp status judgment, street lamp cable theft alarm, scenting cover and pipeline and other roads, such as mechanical and electrical and civil construction safety monitoring, environmental pollution monitoring, natural disaster monitoring and so on, public service completion Good people"s livelihood projects, such as traffic monitoring and control congestion, high-speed Internet access to outdoor WiFi hot spot layout, charging piles, parking navigation, business circle shopping, and so on the promotion of LED road lights will play a huge role. At present, the standard of the intelligent control of the street lamps can detect the hardware of the product, the completeness of the system function and the control of the reliability, and emphasizes that the control function and the requirement will be more based on the characteristics of the LED light source. The features of the construction of the intelligent city are reserved, and the intelligent control system based on the LED street lamp can realize automatic inspection. With the principle of two times energy saving wireless intelligent control system, which can greatly reduce the intensity and efficiency of the labourer and improve the operation efficiency, the reliability assurance method of the intelligent control hardware and the method of ensuring the reliability of the communication application are put forward by the principle of the wireless intelligent control system based on the traffic flow and so on.

      At present, the difficulty of the application of LED street lamp is to pay attention to the application of LED street lamp from the aspects of lighting design method, product quality control, bidding technical index, product failure and light failure tracking. In addition, the uncertainty of the EMC project management and the installation and application of street lamp products, experts believe that at present, it is actually transported. In the course of operation, LED street lamps still have some restrictive factors, such as the poor technical quality of products, and so on, which affect the application of LED street lamps. With the rapid development of LED street lamps, the increasingly comfortable colors and the more reasonable prices, the application of LED street lamps will be actively promoted. Experts believe that the entry of LED street lights and tunnel lights into outdoor lighting will be an important measure of energy saving in urban lighting. It is an important means of implementing the intelligent city. It is suggested that the user departments in all places make a more scientific, more effective bidding mechanism and method to ensure the quality of the products in the actual application. We should eliminate the malicious low price and reduce the interests of users and producers, so as to create a safe, energy-saving and comfortable light environment. Government departments can give encouragement to LED street lamps and tunnel lights in various ways.

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